Ever since the start of modern Egyptomania in the 19th century, the UK has had a close connection with Egypt and, rightly or wrongly, has amassed a huge number of Egyptian antiquities, in both public and private collections.


Our love for ancient Egypt has never really waned, and the UK has produced some of the greats of Egyptology, including WM Flinders Petrie, Amelia Edwards and Howard Carter.


We now have numerous museum collections and local societies, as well as several universities offering courses and involvement in many archaeological missions over in Egypt.


Because there's so much going on, I've put this site together as a central resource for the UK Egyptology scene, as well as some other useful resources for everyone.


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Latest posts

‘Meroë: Africa’s Forgotten Empire’ exhibition at the Garstang Museum
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Coverage of a photographic exhibition held during 2016 at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology at the University of Liverpool, of excavations carried out by John Garstang in the ancient Nubian city Meroë in the years 1910-1914.

‘Animal Mummies’ at the Manchester Museum: a retrospective interview with Campbell Price
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On 15 April I hopped on the train to Manchester to see and photograph the Animal Mummies: Gifts to the Gods exhibition at the Manchester Museum in its last few days. I also met up with Curator of Egypt and … Read More

Two conferences announced
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1 2 Two new UK conferences have been announced in the last couple of days; one in London and the other in Birmingham. Both looking to be very interesting.   Current British Archaeology in Egypt 2016 9–10 July 2016 Organised by the … Read More

Dr Robert Connolly and the Garstang Mummy
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Note: this post is a little retrospective, but this is the first chance I’ve had in a little while to give it the time it deserves.   Dr Robert Connolly is an anatomist at the University of Liverpool who assisted with the anatomical … Read More

On this day in 1912: the discovery of the bust of Nefertiti
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The bust of Nefertiti. Photo credit alberto a.s. on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0). On 6 December 1912, German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt uncovered one of the most iconic artefacts from Egyptian history: the bust of Nefertiti. She was lying within the … Read More

‘Gods of Egypt’ movie trailer released
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Okay, some of you are going to love this movie, and others … well, ‘utterly despise’, would probably be an appropriate way of putting things. Gods of Egypt is a Hollywood epic and potential blockbuster, due for release in February 2016, and looks … Read More