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Two new UK conferences have been announced in the last couple of days; one in London and the other in Birmingham. Both looking to be very interesting.


Current British Archaeology in Egypt 2016

9–10 July 2016

Organised by the Egypt Exploration Society, this two-day conference will provide updates from sixteen fieldwork projects the EES has been helping to fund over the last couple of years:


In 2014 the Society advertised a series of grants to be provided to UK-affiliated researchers and projects for fieldwork and research in Egypt. Our intention was to ensure that the funds we have available for such activities in any given year could be put to the very best use, by giving us the flexibility to choose the sites and projects most in need of support. As so many ancient sites remain threatened, it is vital that our work uncovering and documenting them continues and can be extended to reach as many parts of the country as possible. We are delighted therefore that we have been able to expand our reach in Egypt to twenty-one projects at eighteen different sites, thanks to the longstanding EES concessions, and the grants made from the Excavation and Centenary Funds. The directors of sixteen of these projects will present the results of their work at this important conference, which represents a significant proportion of the British-affiliated projects currently operating in Egypt. Fieldwork is of course, not the only stage in the process of documenting archaeological sites and monuments, and for this reason research and conservation being undertaken on the Society's Lucy Gura Archive and Oxyrhynchus Papyri will also be presented at the event.

To get the full list of talks, and to book your place on the conference, go to the EES news story here.


Tea with the Sphinx

23–24 September 2014

To be held at the University of Birmingham, this conference will be covering the fascinating topic of Egyptomania in Western society:


Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1798 sparked what has come to be known as ‘Egyptomania’, an intense fascination for ancient Egypt that permeated the cultural imagination in the nascent nineteenth century and beyond. Since this moment, across the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, subsequent ‘waves’ of Egyptomania have seen the history and iconography of this ancient civilisation drawn upon for all varieties of purposes. ‘Tea with the Sphinx’ encourages discussions of ancient Egypt as imagined by ‘Western civilisation’ from Napoleon’s invasion until the millennium. From the Parisian graveyards decorated with winged solar discs to tales of mummies’ curses appearing in periodicals and newspapers, strip-teases of the fin de siècle to the Hollywood blockbusters of the twentieth century, the organisers invite abstracts for papers on any aspect of ancient Egypt in the modern cultural imagination.


The conference organisers are on the lookout for speakers; if you're interested in taking part, contact details are available on their website here.


Will you be going to either of these conferences? Which would you prefer to go to? Would you love to go but can't? Get the conversation going in the comments below.

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