Are involved with or passionate for Egyptology and archaeology and needing some help with your publications and photos?

Do you have photos you need to use online or in a publication, but are struggling to get them looking right?

Are you battling with getting artefacts photographed and processed for work?

Do you need to get Egyptian hieroglyphs or Coptic into your text, but don’t have the time or know-how to get it done well?

With today’s never-ending stream of content on social media and in our email inboxes, getting your work to stand out is getting harder and harder.

However, you only need to grab attention for a few extra seconds to draw people in, and that’s best done with beautiful layouts and photos.

If you need help with taking or editing photos within the fields of Egyptology, archaeology, history and culture, or have a book you need laying out ready for print, I can help.

As a specialist academic publisher, we found her expertise in Egyptology and archaeology extremely valuable, be it the preparation of hieroglyphic transcriptions, an understanding of transliteration fonts or familiarity with archaeological line drawings. Equally welcome was her eye for detail, picking up on formatting inconsistencies or layout issues.

Jan Geisbusch, The Egypt Exploration Society



Editing photos, including background removal, to get your images ready for publication, commercial use or use online


Laying out books ready for publication, specialising in Egyptology, history and archaeology, including setting Egyptian hieroglyphic- and Coptic texts


Artefact photography for permanent or temporary exhibitions, and accompanying promotional digital and print material, and catalogues/books

ABout me

I’m an Egyptologist, photographer and book typesetter. I moved to Liverpool in 2001 to study Egyptology at university and when I graduated, I decided to make Liverpool my home.

My husband’s a photographer, and he’s the one that brought me
into the ‘fold’. He has an amazing eye for the artistic side of things
and has been a huge influence on the development of my work and my style.

I got my first digital camera in 2013 and immediately fell in love with taking it on visits to musuems to photograph objects. Since 2016, I’ve been spending my time shut in museum storerooms, helping Egyptian artefacts look their stunning best.

Are we right for you?

Who I work with

  • Museums and universities
  • Academics and students
  • Publishers of Egyptology, history and archaeology books
  • Those with a passion for history, archaeology and culture who want to work on their photography skills

Ready to get the ball rolling?


As part of my research at the British Museum into the small finds recovered by Flinders Petrie from the site of Tell Nabasha in 1888, I needed to photograph roughly 300 objects for publication. While I took the photos myself, they were rather rough and also impacted by the lighting conditions in the Study Room (not the greatest). As such, I contacted Julia and asked her to edit the object photographs, remove their background and replace it with a white background so they could be more easily grouped in plates. Julia worked very quickly and the results are absolutely excellent. She set up a dedicated cloud drive for the images which meant I could essentially get to the images in real time as they were being edited and build up the plates. It was an excellent experience and some beautiful results!

Dr Nicky Nielsen - Lecturer in Egyptology, University of Manchester