Discovery of 4th Dynasty papyri in Egypt

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A fragment of papyrus with Egyptian hieroglyphs written in black in. The papyrus is damaged in several places
One of the fragments of papyri found at Wadi el-Jarf, with the name of Khufu highlighted. Photo taken from the MSAA press release.

This is such exciting news! The Franco-Egyptian team in Egypt have discovered 40 papyri fragments at Wadi el-Jarf, the 4th Dynasty Red Sea port.


They are the oldest papyri ever discovered in Egypt and date to the reign of Khufu (for those unfamiliar with hieroglyphs, I’ve highlighted the name of Khufu on the image here. Click on the picture for a larger version).


The two photographs released by the MSAA are of papyri written in cursive hieroglyphs, rather than the administrative hieratic.


The archaeological mission has also made a number of other important discoveries at the site, including workers’ houses, stone anchors and tools.


Personally, I can’t wait to hear more of the papyri and for more photographs of them to be released.


A pdf of the original MSAA release with the two photographs can be found on the EEF website here.


(Edit: there are now some more photos of the site and some of the findings on the Discovery News website here.)


(Edit: Oct 2015, read the full article by Pierre Tallet and Gregory Marouard on here.)

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