First phase of my new UK Egyptology directory

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A screenshot of the main page of the directory. It has a map of the UK with search boxes underneath it


One of the aspects of Tetisheri that I’ve been working on recently is a directory of places for people to find some Egyptology around the UK. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been a little quiet, as I’ve been doing a fair bit of data collation. So far, I’ve uploaded just museums, galleries and other attractions that have Ancient Egyptian items in their collections, as I wanted to see how it was working before spending more hours on it. Next, I’ll be starting on a list of local societies across the UK.


What’s the purpose of the  Egyptology directory?

My intention has been to create a searchable directory of places around the UK. It’s there for if you want to find, say, a museum to visit or society near you. Or if you’re off on your holidays, you can check out any places nearby to include in your visit.


However, that’s not to say that I’m not thinking how this directory could be beneficial from an academic point-of-view. (More on how you can help by sharing your thoughts and ideas below.)


What will be added to it?

As I said before, my next task is to add all the local societies around the UK to the directory. After that, I’ll be looking at other places, such as universities, libraries, academic societies and places of interest (such as the burial places of Egyptologists, and Egyptianised architecture and monuments, such as Highgate cemetery).


As for further into the future … the sky’s the limit, depending on the success of it. I’d love to be able to provide a directory of archaeological missions in Egypt; a directory of ancient sites; and/or replicate the current directory for other countries around the world. These would be mammoth tasks, but there’s no reason not to dream! But … baby steps first.


How do you use the directory?

The directory works very much like TripAdvisor or Yell. You can search for a town/city or a specific place; your search can be narrowed down by category.


You can zoom in on the map at the top of the page and click on individual markers. The markers condense down into numbers when there are several close together. The numbers you see on the map, such as the 78 next to London means there are 78 places within close proximity of each other. Just start zooming in on the map and they’ll pop up into individual markers.


There are additional functions, which I haven’t yet decided whether to include or not; the main one being the ability for users to write reviews for places.


Will there be more information on the entries?

I’ve put this directory together by myself, which was a lot of work for one person. However, it has a ‘claim listing’ function. This means that museum curators, those running local societies etc. can take charge of their entry and add/edit information. My intention is to start contacting the relevant people to either get better, more personalised information, or to allow them to take charge of the listing. If I can get enough people to claim their listing, I’ll add in an events calendar too.


How you can help

I’d really like some feedback on the directory so far, and I’d love to hear any ideas you may have about it. You can do this by having a play around with the directory (click here to open it in a new tab) and then fill in a very short survey here (this will also open in a new browser tab). The survey will only take two or three minutes, and is anonymous, unless you choose to leave your name and email.


The survey gives you the opportunity to share any ideas you may have for the directory and raise any problems you found with it. If you have any problems whilst browsing, or find any technical issues or broken links (some of the links to museums, particularly those on local council websites, change URL now and then), please could you let me know either on the survey or leave me a message on my contact page.


If you don’t live in the UK, your thoughts are valuable to me as someone who might visit the UK, or who may benefit from future development of the directory.


Thanks, and … enjoy!

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