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Part of the main foyer showing the bottom of the staircase. There are several large brightly coloured fabric cloths hanging down from the ceiling (part of an exhibition that was on at the time)
The foyer of the World Museum
I’m quite excited today; I’ve had my first ever guest post on a blog published! It’s on the Collecting Egypt blog, run by Bev Rogers of Swansea University; it’s a review of the Egyptology gallery at the World Museum in Liverpool.


If you’re thinking about visiting the museum, or if you live too far away and would just like to have a quick virtual tour around the gallery, do go and have a read.


Read my post on the Collecting Egypt blog


Have you visited any Egyptological exhibitions or do you have any near where you live? I believe Bev’s still on the lookout for reviews of other museums with ancient Egyptian galleries or exhibitions. If you’re interested, you can email her on


I had lots of fun putting my review together; if nothing else, it gave me an excuse to go and hang out at the World Museum for a morning! So, if you’re tempted, do give Bev a shout (and let me know if you do decide to; I’d love to be able to share it here too).

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