Carved into stone: statues and sculpture

Stone statues and sculptures are, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most fun types of object to photograph.

Their 3D shape and sculpted details allows me to explore them from all sorts of different angles, and play with the lighting (when I’m able to) to bring out details and create these amazing, high-impact, dramatic shots. Some of these photos were shot as part of other projects, and some were shot during visits to public museum galleries.

All photos are © Julia Thorne. Please don’t just take my photos, but if you’d like to use any in a lecture, presentation or blog post, please drop me an email via my contact page. If you share them on social media, a link back to this site or to one of my social media accounts would be brilliant. Thanks!

marble busts of jesse and marianne haworth
Marble busts of Jesse and Marianne Haworth, who donated their collection of Egyptian artefacts to Manchester Museum [Manchester Museum | Acc. Nos. 14084 & 14085 | 36 x 40 x 25 cm]
a marble statue of the goddess athena
Marble statue of Athena [Walker Art Gallery]
an ancient egyptian sculpture of a pharaoh's head
Cast of a colossal statue of Amenhotep III at the World Museum, Liverpool.
a stone fragment of an egyptian statue with hieroglyphs
Fragment from the arm of a colossal red sandstone or quartzite statue, inscribed with two cartouches (name rings) of the divine sun disc, the Aten [18th Dynasty | Amarna | Manchester Museum | Acc. No. 1932 | 22 x 16 cm]
a closeup of the hand on a marble statue of zeus
Marble statue of Zeus [World Museum]
a small, stone egyptian statue of a head with a baboon at the back
Statue fragment of a head protected by a baboon [Garstang Museum of Archaeology | Acc. No. E.9322 | c. 6 cm]
the limestone head of an egyptian statue
Limestone head from the palace of Merenptah [Memphis | Bristol Museum and Art Gallery | Acc. No. H799]
a limestone bust of a man in greco-roman clothes
The bust of a man from Palmyra [Manchester Museum | Acc. No. 42031 | 60 x 51 cm]
a limestone bust of a woman in greco-roman clothes
The bust of a woman from Palmyra [Manchester Museum | Acc. No. 42032 | 49 x 38 cm]

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