William Adams’ Qasr Ibrim: The Ottoman Period is a general excavation memoir detailing the archaeological work carried out at Qasr Ibrim in Sudan. As well as standard cleaning up of text and formatting, the typesetting of the book, totalling 168 pages, included:

  • tables of data set within the text
  • a concordance table at the back extending over three pages
  • line drawings set within the text
  • a section of plates at the end of the book. There are between two and four images on each plate, often of varying proportions. I needed to consider not only the aesthetics, but also using as much of the space as I could whilst ensuring some of the lower-resolution images weren’t so large they became pixelated


As the publications manager at the EES is producing the cover and the book’s not yet been published, I don’t currently have a copy of the cover to upload.

  • Title: Qasr Ibrim: The Ottoman Period
  • Author: Williams Adams and John Alexander
  • Publisher: The Egypt Exploration Society
  • Year of publication: Not yet published (typeset 2017)
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