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‘Egyptian underworld deities’ cotton classic-fit t-shirt

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  • 100% cotton t-shirt, available in six colours
  • Front design is an exclusive design containing some crazy ancient Egyptian underworld deities
  • Unique t-shirt design will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Shipped worldwide
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The ancient Egyptian underworld wasn’t short of a crazy deity or two; many of these were the Egyptian gods we know and love so well, such as Osiris. However, there were also hundreds of minor deities and demons, including these two from the panel of judgement deities who helped decide your everlasting fate. Each god would hear one of the 42 negative confessions from you while you went through the weighing of the heart in the Hall of Two Truths. Each deity is wearing a feather of Maat on its head, showing his role in the provision of justice to the deceased. They have human bodies, but one has a serpent’s head and the other a hare’s. Crazy, indeed! Wear them on your chest with pride.

And now you can show off your Egyptology geekery with this gorgeously soft and comfy, yet stylish cotton t-shirt.

It’ll pair fantastically with your favourite jeans or with sports leggings for the gym or your yoga class.

The design is printed using the direct to garment method, meaning you get amazing detail and colours. However, you should wash at 30º to keep the design looking as good as the day it arrived on your doorstep.

If you love this image but would like it in another format (mug, poster etc), please drop me a line at julia@tetisheri.co.uk.

This t-shirt is printed with a photo from a page of the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology. It belonged to a man called Inaros who lived during the Saite Period (26th Dynasty, 664–525 BC).

The papyrus was photographed with a macro lens, meaning the image on the t-shirt is many times the size of the original papyrus and is an exclusive design you won’t find elsewhere.

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Ethical and environmental impact

Each t-shirt is printed to order, usually dispatched within three working days. This means that resources are used only as and when needed.

The t-shirts are manufactured in Bangladesh by a company overseen by the Fair Wear Foundation, meaning the workers are treated with respect and dignity, in safe and secure buildings.

The cotton production is as ecological as possible, minimising water use, using crop rotation to maximise soil health and fertility, and recycles waste products from the plant into animal feed.

Both t-shirts and inks are free from harmful chemicals and animal products, making them vegan-friendly and eco-friendly.

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2 reviews for ‘Egyptian underworld deities’ cotton classic-fit t-shirt

  1. Daniela (verified owner)

    Excellent t-shirt quality and a bright and high-quality photo!

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    The t-shirt arrived promptly and was packaged well. The design was very bright and appealing, and stood out perfectly against the dark background. The image itself is beautifully taken, the high quality photography that I’ve come to expect from Retrograde Photography. The t-shirt is comfortable and fits well, and feels high quality. I will definitely be buying another one!

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