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  • Essay and dissertation proofreading by a qualified Egyptologist
  • Specialising in the fields Egyptology, archaeology and history
  • Buy your proofreading now and cash it in when your essay’s due
  • Free check of your formatting and reference-style
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Do you have a hectic academic life?

When you write, do you rely too much on automatic spellcheckers?

Are you too busy to proof your writing and formatting?

Have you ever lost marks to silly mistakes your tired, overworked brain didn’t pick up?

Is English a second language and you’re unconfident with your English skills?


If so, and you’re studying within the fields of Egyptology, archaeology or history, you could probably do with my help.

I’m an Egyptologist and proofreader with an overwhelming urge to correct every misused apostrophe or double space I see. I love whisking away errors that spellcheckers miss, and making your writing look great.

Having your writing proofread by me means you can lay to rest worries about handing in work with annoying errors that might lose you marks. And if you send me your university’s style rules, I’ll check your formatting for you, too, at no extra cost.

My system is simple: buy your proofreading here, then send me your essay or dissertation. Purchases are good for three months, so you can organise your proofreading before your schedule gets too busy. When you buy, you can let me know on the checkout page when your deadlines are. I’ll then contact you to schedule you in.

If you want to be mega organised, you can buy your proofreading for several essays at once; use the quantity box above to buy the amount you need. I’m happy to waive the three-month expiry if let me know your time-frames when you buy.

Please make sure that you read all the FAQs below before buying.

Any more questions? I’m happy to chat. Email me at

If you’re going to need work on an regular, ongoing monthly or weekly basis, I can work on a retainer. Please email me if this is the case, and we’ll have a chat.



1. Buy your proofreading

Choose your essay type from the drop-down menu above. You can buy multiple types and quantities in one go.


2. Email me your essay/dissertation

Once you’ve emailed your work, you’ll have it back within the specified time frame (see How long does it take below).


3. I proofread and mark-up your document

Proofreading checks for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. I’ll use the track changes or comments function to mark up errors and suggestions. If you want to send a paper copy, I’ll use the traditional proofing mark system.

I’ll return your document, and then you decide which of my suggestions to incorporate.

Purchases are good for three months unless we arrange otherwise. If you don’t use your proofreading within three months without prior agreement, you’ll forfeit the work and the chance for a refund.

If you’re not going to need your proofreading done straight away, let me know your schedule in the ‘Order notes’ section of the checkout page. If you don’t leave any order notes and you don’t send your essay within 24 hours of buying, I’ll contact you to discuss what you need.

Send me your essay or dissertation in one of the following formats:

  • email a Word file and I’ll use the track changes function to mark up suggested amendments
  • share a Google Docs file with me and I’ll use the suggesting function to mark up suggested amendments
  • email a PDF and I’ll use the comments function to mark up suggested amendments
  • post a paper copy to me (I’ll provide a mailing address as needed). I’ll mark it up and return it (don’t forget to take postage times into account). Large documents may include a surcharge to cover my return postage costs

If you use Pages on a Mac, save your document out as a Word file or PDF before sending it over.

I have a 10 MB limit on sending and receiving files via email. If you’re sending files larger than this, use Google Docs, Dropbox or a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer.

Once I’ve received your work, the turnaround times are:

  • essays of up to 5,000 words take three to five working days
  • dissertations of 10,000–15,000 words will take up to two weeks

If you have an urgent job, please email me first to check my availability. Please don’t just buy your proofreading and tell me you need it back by the end of tomorrow. You may well be disappointed. But, if you email me first and I have the time, I’m happy to help out.

If you buy your proofreading in advance, I’ll schedule you into my calendar. Remember to leave enough time for me to read and mark-up and for you to then incorporate changes (having you scheduled in can often reduce turnaround times). We’ll agree time-frames when you buy.

Send me a copy of your university’s style sheet (line-spacing, reference system, etc.), and I’ll check your formatting for you. If you don’t send me a style sheet, I’ll check just your spelling, grammar and punctuation.

If your tutor has preferred spellings of subject-specific words (such as Ramesses vs. Ramses), let me know so I can check them.

For longer dissertations, use the >15,000 words option, paying a deposit of £50.00. I’ll then contact you to have a chat about your work. You can send me a chapter at a time, as you finish them, or all in one go at the end.

I’ll invoice outstanding balance(s) when the work’s done and ready to return.

Please remember that long dissertations may take me a couple of weeks to proof, depending on my workload.

I appreciate the pressure on students to perform well (believe me – I’ve been there!). As far as I know, universities don’t class proofreading as plagiarism and cheating, but please check first. Using the following services can get you into trouble:

  • copy-editing and rewriting of your work
  • fact-checking your work
  • writing your work for you

Unlike some other companies, I don’t offer these services, and please don’t ask me to.

Be proud of the work you’ve done! If you’re struggling, ask your tutor for help; don’t just pay someone else to do the work for you. Good marks for work you didn’t do is a hollow victory and worth little.

If you qualify as a disabled student with a condition that affects your ability to proof your work, you may be eligible for a discount. These include:

  • sight problems for which you have to use screen-reading software
  • neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia

I’ll need to see evidence of your needs. Email me at before buying so we can have a chat. If you qualify, I’ll give you your own, personal discount code to use.

If you’re marked down for using suggestions I’ve made, please contact me to discuss it. If I’m in the wrong, I’ll refund you your money. But, please remember:

  • whilst some punctuation and grammar rules are hard-and-fast, others can be a matter of taste (comma use, for instance). If your tutor marks you down because you haven’t used their preferred style, that’s an issue to take up with them. I’m happy to explain why I did what I did, if they ask
  • when I proof work, I’m making suggestions. The final say for whether to incorporate my suggestions lies with you. If you’re not sure why I’ve made a suggestion, ask and I’ll explain
  • I can adhere to particular reference systems, spellings or styles only if I actually know about them


Good luck with your work; go knock ’em dead! 🙂


If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please get in touch by emailing me at

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