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‘The lady’: photographic print of an ancient Egyptian coffin


  • Decorative print of a beautiful wooden coffin from ancient Egypt, showing the importance of the preservation of identity, beauty and youth in the afterlife
  • Featured in a Tate Exchange Workshop
  • Available as a mounted print in three sizes
  • Unique collectible artwork printed by a specialist art printer
  • Shipped worldwide


Preservation of identity, beauty, youth, idealised life

The protection of the identity after death was a prime concern for ancient Egyptians. Coffins such as this one would be made in an idealised image of the person to help ensure an idealised place in the afterlife.

This wooden coffin lid, carved from a single piece of wood, is in the collection at the Garstang Museum of Archaeology in Liverpool. It dates originally to the 18th Dynasty (1550–1292 BC), but was then reused and recarved during the Third Intermediate Period (1069–653 BC). The coffin depicts a woman, though her identity is, unfortunately, unknown.


Own a piece of artwork from the walls of the Tate Liverpool! This photo was featured in the Garstang’s Tate Exchange Workshop in December 2017; an exhibition centred around the surrealism of the ancient Egyptian afterlife.


All images are made to order and are printed and mounted by a Liverpool-based independent art printer. Images are printed on a baryta paper using pigment inks. Both paper and ink are of archival quality, meaning they’ll last much longer than normal photographic prints.

Prints come mounted but not framed. Mounted sizes fit standard frames available from stores such as Amazon, and come in the following measurements:

  • Small prints have a mounted size of 18 cm × 24 cm
  • Medium prints have a mounted size of 30 cm × 40 cm
  • Large prints have a mounted size of 40 cm × 50 cm
  • Delivery time for prints in the UK is around 5–10 working days
  • Outside the UK is dependent on international delivery times



If you love this image but would like it in another format (mug, t-shirt etc), please drop me a line at julia@tetisheri.co.uk.


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