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‘Re-Horakhty and Osiris’ framed A3 fine-art bamboo print


  • Framed print of a detail from an ancient Egyptian stela, featuring two of ancient Egypt’s most well-loved deities
  • Printed on bamboo paper and finished with a solid wood frame, ready to hang on your wall
  • Collectible artwork of a genuine ancient Egyptian artefact
  • Shipped worldwide
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Ancient Egypt treats us to a wonderful and fascinating pantheon of deities, and you can’t get much more recognisable than the sun god and the god of the underworld.

Featuring a a detail from from an ancient Egyptian stela belonging to Isis, priestess of Amun and daughter of king Ramesses VI and queen Nub-Khesdeb, this ceramic mug shows a detail of the gods Re-Horakhty and Osiris.

The stela has been lit to emphasise the two opposing lives of the deities.

Looking toward the light, the sun god Re-Horakhty (Re, who is Horus of the Two Horizons) holds the royal crook and flail, along with a composite staff featuring the was-sceptre, the ankh and the djed-pillar, making his royalty and power clear.

Facing away, looking into the darkness of his empire is Osiris, ruler of the underworld, also holding the royal crook and flail, and wearing the atef-crown – the white crown of Upper Egypt, with ostrich feathers on either side.

Separating the two gods are cartouches containing the names of Ramesses VI.

So, go on … treat yourself – or the Egyptologist in your life – to one of these fabulous prints.

The photo is printed on a bamboo paper – a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly white paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, resulting in warm-tones without optical brighteners.

The paper is acid and Lignin-free, which meets the requirements of an age resistant paper and is printed on pre-cut sheets using an inkjet, 12 colour Giclée print process, providing in-depth reproduction of colours and fine details. Prints conform to ISO 9706 museum quality for highest age resistance.

Framed in real wood frames manufactured in Gloucestershire, UK, this product will arrive framed beautifully and ready to hang.

Ethical and environmental impact

Each framed print is made to order, and usually dispatched within three working days. This means that resources are used only as and when needed.

Bamboo is a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly white paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, resulting in warm-tones without the need for optical brighteners.

The printer inks are free from harmful chemicals and animal products, making them vegan-friendly and eco-friendly.

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If you love this image but would like it in another format (mug, poster etc), please drop me a line at julia@tetisheri.co.uk.

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