Typesetting of academic books, journals and articles, specialising in Egyptology, history and archaeology

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Proofreading for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation

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Image digitisation

Scanning or photographing negatives, prints and drawings; image editing; focus stacking; metadata and keyword work

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Hieroglyph setting

Setting ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts and inscriptions, transliteration, Coptic and demotic transliteration

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A book should be a work of art. How much do we adore those 100-year-old tomes, almost too heavy to lift, packed with colour plates of temple wall inscriptions printed from Victorian-era watercolour paintings? Even the functional, academic books that might never see the light of day outside of a university library should be crafted with love and attention.

And I adore being a part of that process; of helping to create that piece of art.

I’m of the opinion that good typesetting shouldn’t be noticed. Good book design and amazing images, of course, should be. But the typesetting shouldn’t draw attention to itself. If a book is poorly typeset, you will notice it; the last line of a paragraph stuck at the top of a new page, or a paragraph of text much looser or tighter than the others around it, draws and distracts the eye.

If you’re looking for an able and enthusiastic typesetter and/or image editor, I can help you. I specialise in my lifelong passion: history and archaeology, with a particular focus on ancient Egypt; the subject I studied at university. Please click on the icons above to find out more.

You can download a PDF booklet with my services, prices and portfolio to keep on your computer or pass onto somebody else:


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