Book typesetting

I take great pride in producing beautifully laid out pages. Each page is carefully crafted to look its best, including tinkering with tracking to get those paragraphs just right, and hunting down widows and orphans. I specialise in the areas of Egyptology, history and archaeology.

Book formats include:

  • Archaeological monographs
  • General interest history and archaeology
  • Glossy, 'coffee-table' hardbacks
  • Novels and novel-style books
  • Exhibition catalogues and guides
  • Ancient Egyptian language books

Typesetting includes the usual, such as:

  • applying heading and paragraph styles according to your design
  • removing double spaces
  • dashes changed to en-hyphens, where necessary
  • acronyms and initialisms formatted as small capitals

The table below has more details.

I can also:

  • set up your InDesign files with paragraph, character and table styles
  • set up Word templates with paragraph styles for authors to use
  • help out with project management, including liaising directly with authors and printers
  • set hieroglyphs either inline in InDesign or recreate the layout of an inscription using Adobe Illustrator

I'll work on a monthly retainer if you need work doing on an ongoing basis. Please email me on to have a chat.


In the toolbox

I work primarily with InDesign on Windows 10, ably assisted by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Office.

I have a number of specialist typefaces for setting ancient languages. I have Laser Hieroglyphics, a professional typeface which contains all the glyphs from Gardiner’s sign-list (both left- and right-facing), as well as overstrikes and transliteration. I also have fonts for demotic transliteration, Coptic and ancient Greek.



(Discounts may be available for small, independent, academic publishers)

  • Heading and paragraph styles applied
    Double spaces removed
    En-dash and hyphen usage checked
    Acronyms and initialisms set in small caps
    Widows and orphans cleaned up
    Table of contents
    Single images set on a page (inline or plate)
    Sub-headings and sub-sub-headings
    Multiple images set on a page (inline or plate)
    Specialist fonts (hieroglyphs, transliteration and Coptic)
    Tables of data set
    Titles and chapter headers kerned (as needed)
    Cover and spine set
    Up to 2 hours' project management**
    Tracking etc adjusted to optimise the text on the page
  • Novel-style books
    per page
    Fiction or non-fiction books that are mostly text
  • Advanced typeset
    per page*
    Academic/non-fiction books which may include plates, tables, sub-headings, foot/end-notes and specialist fonts

*Pages with just text (no specialist fonts) and/or a single image are charged at the lower rate

**This can include liaising with authors/editors, contacting the printers for spine width, quotations, file uploads etc. If you want more than two hours, it costs £30 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments.


Let's talk!


Sample pages

Sample page from Ray's Demotic ostraca
Sample page from David's Abdyos
Sample page from Ray's Demotic ostraca
Sample page from Adams' Qasr Ibrim the Ballana Phase
Sample page from Adams' Qasr Ibrim the Ballana Phase