Retrograde Photography is moving in!

As you may be aware, for the last couple of years, I’ve been photographing ancient Egyptian artefacts under my Retrograde Photography brand. When I first set Retrograde up, I did so because I had intentions to develop Tetisheri into a general set of Egyptology resources and it didn’t make sense to have the photography in there.

Things have changed since then, however. I’m now building Tetisheri as a more creative outlet, including book layout and typesetting, image editing and digitisation etc (still specialising in Egyptology), so it makes sense to bring Retrograde in under that creative umbrella.

It’s hard work trying to keep two websites going; as I work on one, the other (and its associated social media accounts) gets a little neglected. Merging the two means I can give both sides the attention they deserve.

So, from now on, all life is at Tetisheri, so you should see more coming from here, including my photography. I’m in the process of moving all the content on Retrograde – blog posts, portfolio, galleries and gift shop – over to this site. It should be live in the next week or so.

10 January 2019


The subjects of Egyptology and archaeology have a long history of producing beautiful books. All the way back to the nineteenth century, gorgeous, oversized books with the most wonderfully produced illustrations were gracing libraries and bookshelves.

Long may this tradition continue!

If you’re producing academic books, particularly in the field of archaeology, history and Egyptology, I can help ease the burden with typesetting and proofreading.


Book typesetting and proofreading

Typesetting and proofreading of academic books, with a speciality in Egyptology and archaeology

Ancient languages

Ancient languages covered, including Egyptian hieroglyphs, transliteration, Coptic and demotic transliteration

Qualified Egyptologist

I studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool to Masters level, specialising in the language